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27 Hours to Sydney

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So we started in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and flew to Atlanta, had a layover .. ate, got on a plane to L.A. The flight wasn't so bad... I had my own row which was nice only the stupid reading light was broken and stayed on the whole flight. Get to L.A. .. get my bag .. make my way to the International terminal. OMG there was a million people there and loud and bright. I just want to check in and go to the gate and get some water, maybe food and charge up my phone. So I do. Only LAX sucks and for whatever reason they don't have ANY shops by the gate .. nor outlets. What the hell?!?!? I thought I was in the states! So fine, whatever, I board the plane to Nadi, Fiji. By now, I just want water so I can take my Tylenol PMs and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. And WTF, I'm in seat 61G .. what is that .. and since what decade did planes have 'upstairs'?

I find my seat and hear the kids behind me talking about New Zealand and Thailand. Turns out that they are traveling through New Zealand for two months and then off to hip up SE Asia. Nice! They were from L.A. The kid who sat next to me, Moe, had friends/family in Fiji .. says don't drink the tap water. He reminded me of Brian Limes like woah! The kid at the end of the isle, Shane, was from Dublin, Ireland and has been traveling nonstop to get to Fiji. He was having a vacation on his 'tropical island', then off to New Zealand for 7 months to work .. then Australia to work. Crazy! The girl in front of me, Christy, was from Denver and was going back to Australia to work (in Sydney) as well, after nine years. She did an exchange program in high school in Sydney. So this flight was pretty cool ... not so bad, and not full. Everyone spread out, chated now and then.... I finally got water and went sleepies, the dinner wasn't so bad either. OMG! No like OMG!! on size 72. I was awoken twice ... TWICE, during my slumber to turbulance. I thought I was going to die. I was the absolute worse turbulance ever ... 2nd being the flight home from Scotland to JFK.

Finally .. FIJI! Only I have a nice 4 hour layover .. but it's ok. Sunrise over the lush tropic mountains in Fiji... can I just stay! Christy was on the same flight as me to Sydney, and we got seats by each other, so that was calming. And spread out again.. nice. Only this being the 4th flight in 20 some hours, it felt like forever! Make it to Sydney, go through customs, they spelt my name wrong on my visa so I was set back 5 mins. Get my bag, and say goodbye to Christy. So now, I'm sitting at this 'meeting point' in the airport.. I guess waiting for more people to come for the ride to the hostel. NO! It was weird.. the guy didn't say anything, where we were going, what we were doing, basically puts me on a taxi and runs off. OK?! But I got dropped of at the hostel, however not as described. So, I'm here for 2 nights, and tomorrow hopefully finding a job .. not in Sydney .. or for that matter not in the city center.

I don't know if it was the 27 hour travel time, or that Sydney can be compared to a cleaner New York... I don't know. Or maybe the tall Australians just walk fast. So it's go go go go and there is Asian everywhere.. Do I need to go to China? Since it's pretty much Asians and yellow/bronze skin colored blondes (Aussies). The city center is young.. like no one under 35 or for that matter 30. For those of you who know me .. I simply can not go with my hair straightner .. so before taking a shower I felt the need to track one down. The mall sucks. I do not ever want to go back there again. I found a Woolsworth, yumm... food! And, holy crap I bought the best $18A hair straightener ever! And a sweet hair dryer that seriously works everywhere in the world. Ok enough.. I know. Lauren what did you do so far? Well, I tried to make it to Sydney Tower and possibly the park.. but man I am wrecked and just wanted a shower and to write all this down. Seriously, I am dead. Who wouldn't be? I'd like to do a harbour cruise at night ... but it's 630 now, and doesn't look like the sun is going down any time soon. I'd say .. 8pm, maybe = dusk.

As far as work and travel go ... I'm seriuosly ready for the farm life, as long as they have beer. And maybe stay a month and travel .. come back, work a month, and so on. You get it. Okay. Sleep and food is in the near future for me.

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Yay Miss L, you've arrived! I enjoyed reading about your adventures and will be anxiously awaiting to here more!

by Melanyann

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