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A weekend in Sydney

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So dinner, was good. Free. Well $9A for 2 beers and free fish and chips. Not bad when you're on a budget. So the German kids that I met at the orientation, came to dinner, and I hung out with them. Lucas, Michael, and Mats from Sweden. Ikea any one. Which is funny cause they all got jobs yesterday for Monday, loading and unloading furniture. They ended up buy a couple rounds ... eventually got me to dance, WTF?! Do I dance.. mmmm... no. Had fun.

Walked home, and passed out, somehow managed to misplace my key card for my room/bathroom. It was wrapped in the sheets. So I woke up and had to go to the bathroom. Couldn't find the key... so I had to prop open the door of the room, so I could get back in.. and then figured I couldn't get in the bathroom. Someone was cleaning the guys room, or the door was open?!?! So I just went in there. I look down, and my big toe (that's already messed up) is even more messed up and bleeding! What the hell did I do? I don't know. I wore my closed toed shoes to the pub. And I saw there was, at the time I guess dirt on my toe. Whatever, I'm tired, I go back to bed. So I had to check out/in at 10 today.. cool I wake up get in the shower.. ow! Why does my toe hurt so much. That 'dirt' is a damn blood blister. It is excruciating!!!! So now, I have half a toe nail (still), a nice gash, and a blood blister. I have no idea how that happened. Sorry, there really is no positive note here. I'm dizzy as shit, and really feel not like walking around Sydeny. I need to get some food and a blister thing. Then I dunno.. head out for the day. I have no big plans. Let's see what I accoplish.

Note: Why are Germans so weird. I guess well.... it's just the one girl who was in my room. In the bathroom, she wouldn't take a shower ... just get naked and wash herself. Like at the sink. WTF???? And she still smelled like pee.

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To the Beach ...

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So today ... after pretty much crashing after the last entry, I woke up ate breakfeast, and headed to orientation. I met the people at WTC and some German kids on the way. They pretty much threw a whole bunch of info at me... and I think all I need to know is 1. what I want to do 2. remember to pick up my back card next friday 3. ... no that's probably it. I asked them to find me work March 6th, we'll see how that goes. I think the farm thing is a good way to save money so I can go to Fiji and Thailand, and it's really flexible. Come and go as you want.

For now, I'm headed to 7 Mile Beach, Gerroa, NSW. Gunna surf for a couple days. So I extened my stay at the hostel till Monday when the bus leaves... I guess I'm just taking eveything with me!?!?! I get back to Sydney on the 5th at night... so I need to find a place to stay the 5th and 6th .. possibly the 7th. But we'll see, I guess I would talk to WTC and see if I could head to Emerald, OLD or Cairns, QLD for work for a month or 2 and the ... THAILAND!! In May. Like May 5th ish to ... 30th ish.. I'd hit up Bail, Indonesia too. That's the plan so far. And some stops in Gold Coast and Great Barrier Reef too.. just need a job first.

So the rest of the day goes like this. Headed out after 5 hours of orientation.. something like that. Signed up for a dinner (free if I buy a beer) tonight with some people from WTC. That's in an hour or so. They said to not wear flip flops so.. I went back to the hostel to drop off some stuff, and then to find some shoes, when a new roommate showed up. Nadine from England. She's been traveling for about 4 months with her boyfriend. She stoped in Bangkok, Loas, Cambodia, and Vietnam, New Zealand and now here. Then in April they are headed to Japan. Awesome. So I made mention of the dinner and needing shoes.. and she came along.

We headed over to Paddy's Market. Like and open air market type deal.. Swap shop. Like bootleg DVDs, shoes (yes, I found a pair of silver slippers), Asian souvienrs, Australian souvienrs (found boomarangs and kowalas!) and food ... etc. Pretty cool. I found my Maori necklace!!! A good luck charm for surfers and travelers, maybe I'll get one for Mike. I might have to go back quickly tomorrow before heading to Sydney Tower to get a 360 glipse, and the aquarium. Only downside is, I have to send shit home! Like ... as soon as I buy it, cause there's no room in my pack for 2 boomarangs (damn Rich and Joe).

And just before heading back to the hostel to change, I grabbed some prawn dumplings .... yum! Like a big Asian food court above the vendor and food stalls. Only slighly different part was that I'm sitting there enjoying my snack, all Asian people around me ... and Greenday in the background. ?!?!?! I do have to say (for those that don't know) duplings are a bit different, then we think. I know from TV and such .. they are like fatty gelatenous morsals with lovely fillings inside. While I can't stand the textture and have to try really hard to know puke or spit it out.. just chew chew chew.. this things were soooo damn tasty. The prawns .. of course were good, but damn I didn't know fat could be too!

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27 Hours to Sydney

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So we started in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and flew to Atlanta, had a layover .. ate, got on a plane to L.A. The flight wasn't so bad... I had my own row which was nice only the stupid reading light was broken and stayed on the whole flight. Get to L.A. .. get my bag .. make my way to the International terminal. OMG there was a million people there and loud and bright. I just want to check in and go to the gate and get some water, maybe food and charge up my phone. So I do. Only LAX sucks and for whatever reason they don't have ANY shops by the gate .. nor outlets. What the hell?!?!? I thought I was in the states! So fine, whatever, I board the plane to Nadi, Fiji. By now, I just want water so I can take my Tylenol PMs and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. And WTF, I'm in seat 61G .. what is that .. and since what decade did planes have 'upstairs'?

I find my seat and hear the kids behind me talking about New Zealand and Thailand. Turns out that they are traveling through New Zealand for two months and then off to hip up SE Asia. Nice! They were from L.A. The kid who sat next to me, Moe, had friends/family in Fiji .. says don't drink the tap water. He reminded me of Brian Limes like woah! The kid at the end of the isle, Shane, was from Dublin, Ireland and has been traveling nonstop to get to Fiji. He was having a vacation on his 'tropical island', then off to New Zealand for 7 months to work .. then Australia to work. Crazy! The girl in front of me, Christy, was from Denver and was going back to Australia to work (in Sydney) as well, after nine years. She did an exchange program in high school in Sydney. So this flight was pretty cool ... not so bad, and not full. Everyone spread out, chated now and then.... I finally got water and went sleepies, the dinner wasn't so bad either. OMG! No like OMG!! on size 72. I was awoken twice ... TWICE, during my slumber to turbulance. I thought I was going to die. I was the absolute worse turbulance ever ... 2nd being the flight home from Scotland to JFK.

Finally .. FIJI! Only I have a nice 4 hour layover .. but it's ok. Sunrise over the lush tropic mountains in Fiji... can I just stay! Christy was on the same flight as me to Sydney, and we got seats by each other, so that was calming. And spread out again.. nice. Only this being the 4th flight in 20 some hours, it felt like forever! Make it to Sydney, go through customs, they spelt my name wrong on my visa so I was set back 5 mins. Get my bag, and say goodbye to Christy. So now, I'm sitting at this 'meeting point' in the airport.. I guess waiting for more people to come for the ride to the hostel. NO! It was weird.. the guy didn't say anything, where we were going, what we were doing, basically puts me on a taxi and runs off. OK?! But I got dropped of at the hostel, however not as described. So, I'm here for 2 nights, and tomorrow hopefully finding a job .. not in Sydney .. or for that matter not in the city center.

I don't know if it was the 27 hour travel time, or that Sydney can be compared to a cleaner New York... I don't know. Or maybe the tall Australians just walk fast. So it's go go go go and there is Asian everywhere.. Do I need to go to China? Since it's pretty much Asians and yellow/bronze skin colored blondes (Aussies). The city center is young.. like no one under 35 or for that matter 30. For those of you who know me .. I simply can not go with my hair straightner .. so before taking a shower I felt the need to track one down. The mall sucks. I do not ever want to go back there again. I found a Woolsworth, yumm... food! And, holy crap I bought the best $18A hair straightener ever! And a sweet hair dryer that seriously works everywhere in the world. Ok enough.. I know. Lauren what did you do so far? Well, I tried to make it to Sydney Tower and possibly the park.. but man I am wrecked and just wanted a shower and to write all this down. Seriously, I am dead. Who wouldn't be? I'd like to do a harbour cruise at night ... but it's 630 now, and doesn't look like the sun is going down any time soon. I'd say .. 8pm, maybe = dusk.

As far as work and travel go ... I'm seriuosly ready for the farm life, as long as they have beer. And maybe stay a month and travel .. come back, work a month, and so on. You get it. Okay. Sleep and food is in the near future for me.

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