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Another Weekend in Sydney


Friday was pretty chill. I went back to Circular Quay to take some shots: Opra House, Harbour Bridge .... I walked back to George St. to find a souviener shop. I wanted a shot glass, and I could not find one at Paddy's soo.... I did end up finding one. I totally forgot what it looks like, cause about an hour later I went to the post to send it home .. along with the boomarangs and such. I guess I'll be surprised when I get home!! Can't wait! Called the guys to see what they were up to. Not so much. We headed out later to The Gaff for dinner. Free (with beer). Ate and walked over to the Sydney Tower. We got there a little late and missed the Oz Trek .. whatever that is.. but saw Sydney at night. I just have to say .. the put the tower and the opra house in two pretty shitty spots. You can't see the tower from the opra house.. and can't see the opra house from the tower?!?! What the hell. But they had the viewing thingys... and you can look all the way and see the ANZ arena, the bridge, and Luna Park. Which is a Coney Island type deal. I'm sure I've said that before. So we decided that we needed to go to Luna Park one day. We stopping at some crazy arcade place on the way home. There were like 1,000,000 Asians playing racing games and whathaveyous. There was some kid playing Tekken 6, and fighting a crazy huge robot, and then a glowing dinosaur.?!?! Basically he beat the game, and was like .. easy! We played Deal or No Deal. Lukas won 10 tickets and Mats won 1! Awesome. That's was pretty much it. I spent almost the whole day either looking a tripod (which are expensive here) or on the internet finding flights to Bangkok.

Saturday, was freaking awesome! We went to Manly Beach. So nice of a day too, and I did not get sunburned thank you! We grabbed some ice cream before we hopped on the ferry. And I have to say, Gelatissmo is #2 for ice cream, in my book. Ice Ice being the 1st in Paris, outside of Pere Lachaise, which I went to like 5 times that summer. We took the ferry over there and back, which was super nice. You can see the whole harbour from it .. the bridge and the opra house, luna park, the tower all the sailboats in the harbour. I took some nice pictures! We got to Manly around 1pm. And walked pretty much straight down the walk to the beach .. which was blue skies, blue water.. ice cold blue water. The walk was lined with shops and places to eat, and in the middle there were these water fountains that you could walk in.. like a grate in the middle and water spouts coming up.. nice to wash the sand off your feet. They also had a drinking water 'fill up' type thing. So on the beach, the guys went out boogie boarding and such, I just layed on the beach. We ate at this place BenBry Burger. NICE!!! It was 9$ for a burger, but it was really good, and huge. 150grams of beef, whatever that is in oz. So we mainly just putzed around Manly ... took the ferry back to Sydney in the afternoon/evening. Came home, showered the like.

We ended up going to Luna Park that night, which was alright only for whatever reason my travel book lied to me and said it closed at midnight, but really 10pm. So we had like an hour there, and it was 10$ to ride anything ... so I passed that up. They guys went on like a 30 sec. rollercoaster. And they were challanging each other at games ... continuing from the previous night. Eventually, we left, walked down the dock and caught a water taxi back to Circular Quay. Michael, who moved to the beach due to no room in Sydney during Mardi Gras, called and said to head to Darling Harbour. We did, then we ended up waiting for 30 mins for him to call, but his phone died. So we headed back to the hostel. OH MAN! On the way home... Mardi Gras madness. There were people passed out on the streets with one shoe on... some guy bleeding from the head, talking to the cops... immense amount of traffic!! CRAZY! And we wern't any where near the hub! We went to Scubar for some drinks... one too many. Eventually, I made it back to my room.. and managed to lose my key again.. in the sheets and went to the bathroom (this time without injury), and managed to lock myself out. I had to knock on the door, and wake some people up. I apologized :(

UHHHHHHHHHHH... got up this morning, and still feel like crap. Just managed to eat, and finally go food shopping. I am making tacos!!! Which is so super sweet, because I never make homemade tacos, and these are gunna be the best!!!!! I am sooooooo looking forward to this! And it's raining. Lovely lovely cold, sideways rain. And just light enough to drench you if you walk in it for like 5 mins. I do support being green .. walking where you can, but really I love my car in terencial downpour that is Florida rain, cause no way in hell will an unbrella help you in that. You just run to the car and get in. :) More to come ....

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