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Another Weekend in Sydney


Friday was pretty chill. I went back to Circular Quay to take some shots: Opra House, Harbour Bridge .... I walked back to George St. to find a souviener shop. I wanted a shot glass, and I could not find one at Paddy's soo.... I did end up finding one. I totally forgot what it looks like, cause about an hour later I went to the post to send it home .. along with the boomarangs and such. I guess I'll be surprised when I get home!! Can't wait! Called the guys to see what they were up to. Not so much. We headed out later to The Gaff for dinner. Free (with beer). Ate and walked over to the Sydney Tower. We got there a little late and missed the Oz Trek .. whatever that is.. but saw Sydney at night. I just have to say .. the put the tower and the opra house in two pretty shitty spots. You can't see the tower from the opra house.. and can't see the opra house from the tower?!?! What the hell. But they had the viewing thingys... and you can look all the way and see the ANZ arena, the bridge, and Luna Park. Which is a Coney Island type deal. I'm sure I've said that before. So we decided that we needed to go to Luna Park one day. We stopping at some crazy arcade place on the way home. There were like 1,000,000 Asians playing racing games and whathaveyous. There was some kid playing Tekken 6, and fighting a crazy huge robot, and then a glowing dinosaur.?!?! Basically he beat the game, and was like .. easy! We played Deal or No Deal. Lukas won 10 tickets and Mats won 1! Awesome. That's was pretty much it. I spent almost the whole day either looking a tripod (which are expensive here) or on the internet finding flights to Bangkok.

Saturday, was freaking awesome! We went to Manly Beach. So nice of a day too, and I did not get sunburned thank you! We grabbed some ice cream before we hopped on the ferry. And I have to say, Gelatissmo is #2 for ice cream, in my book. Ice Ice being the 1st in Paris, outside of Pere Lachaise, which I went to like 5 times that summer. We took the ferry over there and back, which was super nice. You can see the whole harbour from it .. the bridge and the opra house, luna park, the tower all the sailboats in the harbour. I took some nice pictures! We got to Manly around 1pm. And walked pretty much straight down the walk to the beach .. which was blue skies, blue water.. ice cold blue water. The walk was lined with shops and places to eat, and in the middle there were these water fountains that you could walk in.. like a grate in the middle and water spouts coming up.. nice to wash the sand off your feet. They also had a drinking water 'fill up' type thing. So on the beach, the guys went out boogie boarding and such, I just layed on the beach. We ate at this place BenBry Burger. NICE!!! It was 9$ for a burger, but it was really good, and huge. 150grams of beef, whatever that is in oz. So we mainly just putzed around Manly ... took the ferry back to Sydney in the afternoon/evening. Came home, showered the like.

We ended up going to Luna Park that night, which was alright only for whatever reason my travel book lied to me and said it closed at midnight, but really 10pm. So we had like an hour there, and it was 10$ to ride anything ... so I passed that up. They guys went on like a 30 sec. rollercoaster. And they were challanging each other at games ... continuing from the previous night. Eventually, we left, walked down the dock and caught a water taxi back to Circular Quay. Michael, who moved to the beach due to no room in Sydney during Mardi Gras, called and said to head to Darling Harbour. We did, then we ended up waiting for 30 mins for him to call, but his phone died. So we headed back to the hostel. OH MAN! On the way home... Mardi Gras madness. There were people passed out on the streets with one shoe on... some guy bleeding from the head, talking to the cops... immense amount of traffic!! CRAZY! And we wern't any where near the hub! We went to Scubar for some drinks... one too many. Eventually, I made it back to my room.. and managed to lose my key again.. in the sheets and went to the bathroom (this time without injury), and managed to lock myself out. I had to knock on the door, and wake some people up. I apologized :(

UHHHHHHHHHHH... got up this morning, and still feel like crap. Just managed to eat, and finally go food shopping. I am making tacos!!! Which is so super sweet, because I never make homemade tacos, and these are gunna be the best!!!!! I am sooooooo looking forward to this! And it's raining. Lovely lovely cold, sideways rain. And just light enough to drench you if you walk in it for like 5 mins. I do support being green .. walking where you can, but really I love my car in terencial downpour that is Florida rain, cause no way in hell will an unbrella help you in that. You just run to the car and get in. :) More to come ....

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More days in Sydney ...

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Just a note on music: Mindless Self Indulgence, MGMT, and 3Oh!3 are huge over here... So is Death Cab.. crazy. There are some awesome shows and festivals in and around Sydney.. too bad they were all in Feb.

So, I am reporting on Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday, I sat around the WTC for a while, basically decided what I wrote in the last post, and have since made reservations for Thailand. I need to book my flight soon, the cheapest I found was 1,100, but that is Sydney to Ko Sumai, Bangkok to Bali, and Bali to Sydney. I would take the train from Surat to Bangkok and a boat from Ko Sumai to Surat. For a total of 2 weeks: April 7th to 21st. Then come back and work for a few weeks then do Fiji for my B-day! .. Then probably head straight to Japan from Fiji! That's the rough plan for now. Unfortuntly leaving out Ko Phi Phi, Samoa :( (maybe not), Hong Kong and New Zealand... I also have to find time to go to Cairns... maybe the outback.

Then headed out for lunchy! And meant to go food shopping, but didn't. Instead Mats and I went over to the opra house 'cause I hadn't seen it yet. Saw the Harbour Bridge... but still it was overcast, and didn't make for the best picture. Today is nice, and I will have to head back there to take some photos. Then we headed back to the hostel.. chilled for a while, and went to Scubar for pizza.

Thursday, I actually made progress and tried to find a job, only there are none. This is bullshit. So, Lukas and I being jobless for the day, finally!!! went to the Aquarium. Yea, that was cool. Walked around, saw some jellyfish, flouresent coral, water snakes, eels, saltwater crocs. ... Went to the underwater viewing area, and saw the Dugong?!... a close relative of the Manatee, and some huge ass matarays and stingrays. Sea turtles, and big ass sharks. I have pictures!!! I just have to remember to upload them at WTC. Then we walked around Darling Harbour, got a bit to eat, got some pictures.. Lukas was in the way.. so now you all can see him. Headed over to the Chinese Gardens, but it was $6 to get in, so I may go back later.. and always get some more pictures of DH too! It's really sweet over there.

So then Lukas, showed me where the post office was, so I can send stuff home! I went back over to Paddy's Market, and picked up boomarangs for the boys, a deck of cards, a kowala bear, kagaroo... I need a shot glass for myself though. And I saw some sweet Toki Doki stuff.. I just might have to splurge!! Then headed back, Mats and I grabbed food (I still have yet to go food shopping) at an Asian noodle place. For $8 I got a big ass bowl of noodles. Holy crap. Yea that was like 6 ramen noodle packages.... I couldn't finish it.. So now I know for next time.

So, then we decided to go out for a bit... Headed over to the Opra House for a beer on the Harbour. AH! When it's 8$ for a beer, but you have that view, at night, with some good people.. you can't really worry about money. We also decided that ... farm work is in our future. I'm trying to get a job out in Leeton for a couple weeks, picking grapes. YEA!!!.. no. Just need the $$$$$$$$$$

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Surf Camp

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... was definatly not what I had intended. I got upset over several things, felt bad, left early, and change my whole itinerary. Surf camp, okay. Got on the bus, two hours later, arrive in Georra. Grab a bed, have a little orientation, and hit the beach. I don't believe brochures anymore. 'Meters from the beach' was probably 1.5 miles, I know this cause I ran it the next morning. And when you get to the beach... walk down the beach 1 mile to the surf. With a 5,865lb. surfboard. Yea no. I should have just gotten a lesson on Bondi or Bali. The rooms sucked! Don't get the bottom bunk, because you can't sit up, there is no room. And I was stuck in a room with Germans girls, sorry I thought I went to AUSTRALIA not GERMANY! Not cool. The food was ok. Meh. And the surfing.. in a wetsuit, not my style and difinatly not cold enough to wear one. What did I learn you ask? What I already knew. Psh that. Bring me back to Sydney thank you.

Got back, and the boys were waiting for me.. literally outside of the van. They also got me a room before I came back, thank you, and then we went out for food and drinks. Today I'm just chillin' on the computer, and doing laundry. And going to the Aquarium. It's overcast today, and while I can take pictures .. it's just not the best day.

I'm sick of making mistakes. Before I had decided to work and travel in Oz, I didn't even care about coming, figured I'd hit it if I had time. I wanted to take my $$$ and see what I could see till I had no more. Those places being Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Fiji .. and after reading a little bit about it Samoa. So, having changed my mind about the whole situation .. I'm starting school in June. Not working, taking my money and getting a flight to Cairns, QLD (GBR and white water rafting). Thailand for 2 weeks (either April 9th or May 10th ish). Indo for a week. Fiji for a week and Samoa for like 5 days. When I'm done. Sydney .. maybe for the Blue Mountains, if I feel up to it or Byron Bay and Nimbal. Then Japan .. then home. What I'm homesick. But being a nice 30 hours from home (that's crazy when you look at it like that, cause its like 35,000 miles), I'm not coming back just yet. So now... Maybe work for a week or two. March is mehheehehe month not really good (well not as good as April or May) for the northern or southern hemispheres. Still the rainy season. :(

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I wake up this morning get ready, walk downstairs to get my free cereal, and I had a text from Mats that said, KC was cooking them more food, before he had to return to Canberra. (He is a private chef for a Malaysian ambassador, and can cook his ass off for 72 hours straight). They are over at my hostel, and he's cooking noodles, that he made by hand with flour and water and butter, and poached eggs. So we got crispy noodles (kinda like hash brown texture) and eggs. OMG!!! Sooooo good, and he was done with everything like 5 mins, before he had to go get on the train and head back. He is insane at cooking. He said he will be back in Sydney this weekend, so Lucas and Mats are like .. awesome we have a personal 5 star Asian chef! I just have to say. This is why I travel. This was such an Anthony Bourdain/Iron/Top Chef moment. This was effing awesome!

So after breakfast/lunch, we headed back to Paddy's Market to walk around, then hopped on the Monarail, just to ride around. We ended up getting off at Darling Harbour, to go check out the IMAX. So we walked over the bridge, and dun dun dun... PICTURESSS!!!! (Only, I'm an ass and didn't have my camera) You'll see, if you check back next week. Darling Harbour, nice little harbour, some dude with a huge ass bubble maker, and you can YouTube digoridoo and you'll see what I mean. These guys just sitting and playing the thing to a cool beat, and another guy in aboriginal dress keepin' the beat! Touristy? Yes? Cool? Yes? So we went to check out the times of the Imax and decided on Deep Sea 3D, which didn't start for an hour or so, so we grabbed a bit to eat just around the corner. Darling Harbour, really is darling. A nice little green area of Sydney near the water, palm trees and waterfalls backed by the skyline of Sydney (Sydney Tower included). For those that are familiar, think Bayfront, Miami, or Bicentennial Park, Miami. Your on the water, surrounded be green, and the city in the background. Lovely. Imax time. Deep Sea was pretty cool, you just a short little movie, narrated my Jhonny Depp and Kate Winslet. Then headed back to the hostel, we caught the bus. Yea, it was warm today. I say warm, because I am from Florida, and I know hot, and it was not HOT. So We got back and hit the pool for a bit. By the time I got back to my room, it was 8. Now an hour and half later, tired.. as I mentioned. And I have to be up early to go surfing. The bus leaves at 730, so I need to check out like 7-715, and get up at what 615-630 or so. So, I'm going to make a sandwhich, and read till I pass out. MORE TO COME! And mom, I found a place to stay till the 10th, and hopefully I should be working the 9th.

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I am just going to start of by say I am seriously tired. So Saturday, I accomplished .. little. I woke up, check out/in. The stupid girls in my dorm now, seriuolsy sleep till like 3 or 4. It's annoying as hell. Anyway. I went over to the food store, picked up some turkey, cheese, and bread. Then I walked over to WTC to use the computer, and bought tickets to the Sydney Tower and Aquarium. Then walked back to the hostel and made lunch. At this point, I did not feel good, so I went to lie down. About 4 or 5 or something I get a call from Mats, and he says to come hang out with them later. Ok. So I head over to there hostel, and they are telling about their roommate KC, who is from Singapore. Who showed up, out of no where, and was like.. do you like Asian food? Let me cook for you guys. So we're like okay?!?!?! Do we trust you? The kid was nice, and he's a chef.. we figured there's 4 of us, one of him, so why not.

So then we headed over to another hostel to use the kitchen. And like 5 seconds into this .. KC is tearin' it up. He has one knife. Pulls out a whole chicken .. starts cutting it up. Debones it with his hands ... and stuffs the meat back into the skin, rolls it up, wraps it in ceran and throws it in a pot to boil. Like 10 mins!!! Everyone in the kitchen is like ... what the hell is this kid doin'?! They're all making pasta and shit, and he's deboning a chicken. Then rice. Throws that on the stove. He pulls out a fish! What the hell. Scales the fish.. again, more on lookers. Starts filletin' the fish, rips out the bone with his hands, cuts of the head, places it all fancy like on the plate, and puts it buy the stove. Now, he's cracking eggs, for the rice, and chopping up scallons, ginger, and whatever else. Whips up egg fried rice. Going back and forth between the pots and burners and checking temps with his finger. At this point, we knew, this dude was for real. He put a plate of rice out for us to eat.. oh man.. it was AMAZING!!! So good. He puts another plate, and has the 3rd plate of rice cooking in the wok. He tries a little bit of it, and throws the whole thing it the trash! WHAT!! He said it was too soft, not good enough. What dude, we don't know, we'd eat it anyway! Pulls out the chicken, starts unwrapping that and cutting it up... Gets the fish out, throws some ginger on top and some soy sauce. And has another pot, of like boiled meatballs of chicken and fish. Seriously, this was awesome. Mats asked him, how much we would have paid for this if we ate at his restaurant. $70. FREEEEEE!!! For us! This kid was pretty cool, so to make up for it we go have a few beers. I was dead tired, so around 11, I headed back to go to bed.

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